Aquapaw Grooming Brush For Horse


Simplify Grooming at Your Stable
The Aquapaw Equine Grooming Tool is a combination curry comb and water sprayer-in-one that can be turned on and off with the simple click of a button. Save time and water at your stable with Aquapaw.

Simply 'Click' to cycle between LOW, HIGH, and OFF With One Hand
Our Equine Grooming Tool can be operated entirely with one hand so you can intuitively adjust the flow of water.

Reduce Water Flowing Down Your Wrist
The lower flap on the 100% Silicone Body helps keep water from running down your wrist when you're washing up high.

It's Also a Curry Comb Scrubber
The soft nubs are specifically designed for horse coats to help scrub dirt while you rinse and lather their coat.

Wash Legs and Hooves with Ease
The 100% Silicone (FDA Grade) is soft enough to scrub sensitive areas of your horse.

Garden Hose Adapter Included
Our quick-connect garden hose adapter makes it extremely simple to connect and disconnect your Equine Grooming Tool.


  • Simple Click ON, Click OFF With One Hand
  • 100% Silicone Body is Phthalate, BPA, and PVC Free
  • Adjustable Strap Fits All Hand Sizes
  • 2-Settings: Gentle and Strong
  • Adapters included

A Better Way to Bathe Your Dog and Horse – Save time, money and water when you bathe your extra dog or horse with this new, innovative equine washer system. The Aquapaw Equine Grooming Tool is easy to install and operate. It offers gentle, efficient clean-up for you and your four-legged friend

No Mess, No Stress – The all-in-one Aquapaw tool lets you simultaneously brush and rinse your horse or large dog. This reduces water use and speeds up bath time. With the two-stage button mechanism, you can click easily between settings with one hand, leaving your other hand free to pet and calm your equine or canine companion

Easy to Install and Use – The Aquapaw grooming system allows you to create a convenient bathing/grooming station at your stable. A garden hose adapter and 3-foot hose is included for quick and simple installation, and the scrubber's strap adjusts easily to fit all hand sizes