Bebelelo - Bedding 5 pieces for baby gray and red with a fire truck pattern - # 517


Bebelelo - Bedding 5 pieces gray baby red fire truck with a pattern # 517
Decorate the nursery superbly with this bedding 5 pieces.
Decorate the nursery superbly with this bedding morceaux.L'ensemble 5 of 5 pieces includes a down Canadian cotton (31 "x 41"), a removable duvet covers (31 "x 41"), a contour baby bed (150 "x 10"), fitted sheet (fitted sheet), (52 "x 25") and a skirt (below bed) (52 "x 26" x 14 ") This bedding, made from of the highest quality materials, allow your baby to have a relaxing and comfortable room. All bedding sets, purely Canadian, are safe for health.

What Bebelelo offers:
-Made in Canada: Bebelelo performs extensive testing to ensure long life of its products.
-This bed set fits a standard crib bed 54 x 27 inches, 100% Cotton Composition Canadien.-A simple and easy-maintenance -With this bedding, you head a dream nursery for your baby. -A free shipping.
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