1- BABY BABY MATTRESS - TENCEL Bebelelo is committed to providing safe baby mattress and healthier. In fact, the mattress crib comfort Tencel, manufactured by Simmons industries, is among the best mattress brand for baby and children tencel.
The mattress crib ultra firm Simmons has a fabric cover made from Tencel eucalyptus with an ecological production process that does not harm the environment. This latest fabric material technology, with exceptional qualities comes from the bedding industry for adults. Its excellent breathability, its unparalleled moisture absorption and its natural antibacterial properties gives your baby dry and comfortable sleep environment that remains fresh and clean. The soul of polyester thermal bonded ultra firm offer two coasts, one extra firm for babies and the other with a layer of comfort toddler side (after 12 months) for a more comfortable sleep surface for your toddler in full growth. The soul is breathable and free of VOC 99.9% and in combination with the lining fabric Tencel, gives your baby a healthy and sumptuous sleeping environment. The coating is stain.
- Made in Canada - Soul recycled polyester thermo-related 99.9% VOC - Support ultra farm - Firmness 2-in-1 - extra firm side for babies with a comfort layer on the toddler side (after 12 months) a more comfortable sleep surface - Leger to facilitate the change of linen - Tencel coating is certified OekoTex 100 free of chemicals. It is naturally breathable, antibacterial, and absorbs moisture - resistant coating tears, free of vinyl PVC and phthalates and does not release any gassing - resistant mold - Mattress size 27.5 x 51.5 inches (69 85 x 132.1 cm) suitable for cribs standard size - Thickness of 5.5 inches (13.97 cm) - maximum weight 50 lb (22.3 kg) - lifetime warranty
MATTRESS COVER 2 - TENCEL Our mattress cover permeable to air, waterproof, antibacterial, helps keep the mattress of your baby clean and fresh. The fabric "Tencel" of the top layer of the mattress cover OOPS Simmons is manufactured from eucalyptus leaves and is naturally thermo regulating, antibacterial and soft, in addition to being treated with silver medical quality to help reduce odors and bacteria growth. The underside is designed with a waterproof coating, non-toxic, making it essential to keep healthy baby room, fresh and safe. Its dimensions of 28 x 52 inch suitable for all crib mattresses standards and the mattress pad OOPS Tencel should remain in place thanks to its elastic edges. Did we mention that it also manufactures in Canada?
- Impériable and antibacterial - Made from leaves of eucalyptus and is naturally thermo regulating - Reduces odors and the growth of bacteria - Dimension 28pouces x 52 inch - elastic edges - Machine wash in cold water - Hang to dry - Made in Canada
3- Changing mat - ORGANIC - Soul in 100% recycled polyester is air-permeable and do not foam as gas - shift key can transform any flat layers in a change station area - Protects organic polyvalent can be used with pad change, bassinets, playpens and cribs - the certified organic cotton cover is breathable and soft to the touch - Sides of the security and the safety strap: 4 "- Made in Canada
Metal extensions are designed to meet the needs of your child for many years. This conversion kit is needed to convert your crib into a double bed. Thus the tabs enhance the strength of the bed to make it even more stable and safe for your child.
- Kit metal extensions to convert your crib into a double bed - Legs to strengthen the included base - 54 inches x 74 inches
Make sure your baby has a healthy sleep schedule with this conversion kit. This gate made of nontoxic materials made of wood mass, gives a sense of security and will keep your little one safe hidden in the night, while allowing him or her to settle down on the bed without your help. Convert your cradle crib with safely.
- Non toxic finish - Made of solid wood - Turn your crib in day bed safely
CHANGING MATTRESS COVER 6- Soft and fluffy, it can change your baby smooth! Elastic, the cover for changing mat fits all standard changing pad