Natural-Step Ramp 72"

$109.37 Regular price $159.99

The Gen7Pets™ Natural-Step® Ramp with Poly-Grass reduces incline, allowing your pet to have easy access to your vehicle - great for older pets!

It's a great way to give your pet the access it needs, and saves you the heavy lifting in and out of the back of your vehicle. The poly-grass surface allows your dog to get a grip and feel secure, while walking up a soft surface that will not scratch their paw pads. The grass is also soft to the touch for the pet parent and will not scuff or scratch your vehicle interior. The Natural-Step® Ramp is lightweight, easy to open and fold, and offers one of the widest walking paths for a 72" long ramp. Features an automatic locking latch to keep the ramp securely closed, and a soft rubber-grip handle for easy portability.