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$249.95 Regular price $250.00
The Dream Suite is a cradle Result © reversible and changing table all in one! Parents can now swim © WADA space Details © dia to 2 © © s activities thanks ¢ à that this versatile piece of furniture: a corner for changing bà © bà © and make him sleep in the same room. The cradle cozy soothes bà © bà © with 2 speed vibration allows free passage of air and good visibility with its walls © Lata © ral mesh blocks the Light with its canopy, and entertains with her toys stuffed. The changing table cloth is easy to clean and support a weight up to 14 kg (30 lbs) in all living © curita © - it can continue long after use at the bà © bà © no longer uses to sleep. His big basket INFA © laughing keeps the Indispensable worn à © e of hand and castors allow easy placement © cover to bring the bà © bà © in the parents' bed. Fonctionalità © SA - Và © Genuine comprehensive care center for bà © bà ©: crib and changing table thanks Integral © © e - The sturdy changing table enables prolonged use © e, up to a weight of 13 kg (30 lb) - Sà © lection 2 vibration speeds; © displayName stay that PRA © fà © e Result © bà © bà © by falling asleep - Castors at mà © locking mechanism: bà © bà © can effortlessly take you anywhere in the house - Awning Integral thanks © © © giant being protected from direct Light; 2 soft toys to occupy your little