Start Kit - Chicco Congratulations Orion- 6 Pcs

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Start Kit - Chicco Bravo orion- 6 Pcs
Bebelelo offers a starter kit that will meet all your needs following the birth of your first baby. This kit contains 6 pieces: Cradle of Bily Starry Night, BOOBEYEH - Convertible Crib 4 in 1 - Lauren - Light Gray, bily park, a ledger, Chicco Trio System Congratulations - Poetic and basic Mattress Crib
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Cradle of Bily Starry Starry Night

With its soothing lateral sway, the cradle of Bily helps baby to fall asleep and feel security. This small bed is perfect in the early months, when the sleeping newborn is interspersed with short periods of awakening. A soothing night light, an adjustable hood and a module music and round up all vibration to create a more peaceful environment.

BOOBEYEH - Convertible Crib 4 in 1 - Lauren - Light Gray
Like all Bébélélo products known for their style, their safety and durability, the convertible bed 4-in-1 Bébélélo is the perfect choice for your baby's room. This tiered bed, which offers easy access to your baby while adding style to the room. As it reads serve throughout infancy of your child. On a cot to a bed for toddlers, a day bed and a double bed. This handcrafted bed made from solid wood, this set will provide lasting years.
Stylish, safe and sustainable Convertible 4-in-1 Crib tiered Turns into bed toddler, day bed and double Manufacture from wood solid assembly required, not including bedding, mattresses sold separately easy to assemble Meets all standards

Easy-Go Park with bassinet
Thanks to its design compact and compact closing, the Easy-Go Bily park is ideal for home or elsewhere! The bassinet full zipper size is perfect from the first days of baby and, when removed, offers a spacious area game for your growing child. In addition, the removable changing table makes it easy to change the baby's diaper and cleans up easily with a cloth • Park. For a child who is less than 89 cm (35 inches), weighs 13.6 kg (30 lbs) or less and is unable to climb out of the park.

• Moses Full size for a baby unable to get on all fours and weighs 6.8 kg (15 lb) or less. • removable changing table for a baby weighing 6.8 kg (15 lb) or less. • closing easy and quick installation in less than a minute! • mesh sides that provide good ventilation and allow baby to always have the eye • bar activity that includes three toys • compact and convenient bag for storage and closure • transport washable fabric with a cloth • product dimensions (assembled):.. 101.6 cm × 71 cm D x 73.7 cm H (40 in x 28 in x 29 in) • product dimensions (folded): 23.5 cm W x 21.6 cm D x 71 cm H (9.25 in x 8.5 in x 28 in)

CHICCO System Congratulations Trio - Poetic
Designed for performance! The Bravo travel system is a solution of 3-in-1 revolutionary. Compatible only with the excellent car seat for baby KeyFit Chicco, it offers three modes of use to fit over the baby's needs as they grow. For infants, you only denlever seat and the hood of the stroller for a lightweight frame on which to install the car seat baby carrier very useful when baby that journey in his KeyFit seat. When baby continues to travel in his KeyFit seat, but begins to want to sit back and observe the landscape, Bravo works as a travel system. And when baby is too big for the seat KeyFit, Bravo system stroller is ideal for daily walks. Equipped with many features, this comfortable and convenient stroller offers the most ingenious fast closing in its class. Just pull on the handle under the seat to the front wheels rotate in the right position and the self-supporting frame offers a more compact closure. The multi-position backrest and full suspension helping to provide rides dun comfort. The large basket is easy to access, and height adjustable handle easily meets the needs of Mom and Dad. Other features include a foldable hood with window and twin brakes. The Bravo travel system also includes a car seat for baby KeyFit 30, the baby seat dauto highest rated Chicco! Provided of a quick release harness, this seat includes a support pillow that provides little babies additional support of the head, neck, back and buttocks. The shell is lined with foam cushioning PSE and the base comprises an innovative device for adjusting the tilt potential SAU as well as a foot spring which facilitates installation. A solution travel 3-in-1 you greatly simplifies life!
Stroller: for a child of 22.7 kg (50 lbs) or less. Car Seat: for babies from 1.8 kg to 13.6 kg (4-30 lb) and 76 cm or travel moinsSolution 3-in-1: Framework for baby carrier KeyFit, travel system stroller and high end closure rapideCaractéristiques car seat: five-point harness adjustable in one traction for quick adjustment, reducing removable cushion, foam cushioning, base for automobile having an adjustment device UAS, guides that facilitate the passage of the vehicle seat belt and Supercinch device for clamping the SAU one traction and to attach the seat without effortCadre for baby carrier. removable seat that can turn Bravo stroller lightweight frame for baby carrier KeyFit. Simply remove the seat and the hood of the stroller, to secure the adapter and install the car seat carrier bébéSystème trip. The car seat for baby KeyFit snaps onto the stroller seat (via adapter) for baby to transition more facilementPoussette quick closing. folding soft top and back that tilts to provide a comfortable ride to a baby 22.7 kg (50 lbs) or moinsFermeture be operated with one hand. easy closing handle access to a transport or a quick and compactDispositif storage ingenious closure which pivots the front wheel inwardly and ensures a minimal footprint at any coupCadre self-supporting when folded for easy loading and for déchargementPlateau parent with cup holder and compartment and adjustable handle for mom and three positions for papaAdaptateur car seat included, to use the stroller as a travel system or as a framework for easy sling KeyFitPanier access from the front or rear, large enough to contain all the essential bébéSuspension intégraleFreins actionable his foot. Brakes paired that are operable with a single movement in order to immobilize the stroller for unloading

Basic Crib Mattresses
-Rembourrage: Fiber polyester Thickness: 5 inches-Farm-To cribs and standard-Core cribs fiber high density polyester provides a firm Leger and durable throughout the development of your child- product dimensions: 133 x 69 x 12 cm (52.5 x 27.5 x 5) - 3.4 kg (7.5 lb), corresponding to standard Return-size beds and rotate the mattress every 2 -3 months maximum-weight 22.7 kg (50 lbs) Engineered for sleeping only. Jumps can cause indentations in the mattress.