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Mypet Superfeeder with 6 Ft Aluminium Pole - Hook Sturdy Bird Feeder Pole - Heavy Duty Prong Metal Hanger Hook for Hanging Outdoor Plants, Wreaths, Lanterns, Baskets, String Lights, and Other Decorations

$94.26 Regular price $119.99

Super Classic Feeder with Pole Mount
Complete feeder, baffle and pole (3 sections-5'8"), features a large seed reservoir made from 6" UV Resistant polycarbonate, 4 aluminum seed ports and perches and baked enamel coating. Green top and baffle,3 sections of pole-Total length 5'8" Volume 1.2 gallons - dispenses sunflower, peanuts or a blend. Great for attracting Cardinals, Chickadees, Doves, Grosbeaks, Jays, Juncos, Sparrows, Titmice, Towhees and Woodpeckers.


  • 4 seed ports and perches
  • 1.2 gal seed capacity
  • Squirrel-proof design
  • Includes multi-section steel pole for mounting
  • Ultra-durable construction with green baked enamel coating
  • 6" dia. seed reservoir made from UV resistant polycarbonate

Durable Construction Withstands Weather

This Classic Bird Feeder has a durable construction that resists the elements for a long-lasting product. Clear seed reservoir made from UV Resistant polycarbonate.

Classic Bird Seed Feeder

Large seed reservoir with 1.2 gallon capacity dispenses sunflower, peanuts or a blend. 4 seed ports and perches.

Squirrel-Proof Design with Pole Mount Included

Features a pole mount and squirrel baffle skirt design that keep squirrels out and birds coming back again and again!

About Birds Choice: For The Birds You Love

The Birds Choice line of professional feeders & houses was founded on innovation, design, and good old hard work. Our feeders and houses are built with proprietary patented components and constructed for optimum performance. Add in our recycled poly-lumber construction -- guaranteed never to fade, crack, or split -- and you have products to enjoy for many years to come.

This garden shepherd hook is an ideal item for make the garden attractive, it is great for hanging flowers, solar lights, lanterns, baskets, garden lights, mason jars, string lights, wind chimes, ornaments, bird feeders, planters, and other garden decorations.

Our shepherd hook pole is 5/8 inch in diameter, which makes it stronger than the 2/5 inch items. And the 5 prongs base make it could stick into the ground stable.

Just screw the parts and push the base into the ground with your feet, then you could enjoy this item, and you could move it around your garden easily until finding the best place.