Baby Car Seat Chicco KeyFit 30 - Orion

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Baby Car Seat Chicco KeyFit 30 - Orion
To give baby a safe environment, it is essential to install the car seat correctly. The seat 30 KeyFit is rated highest Chicco. It simply installs securely and accurately. Each fois.Son foot inclination to ReclineSure spring allows a perfect adaptation according to the vehicle seat inclination angle, its spirit levels RideRight indicate the angle of inclination suitable for the base and the clamping device with Supercinch of force multiplication technology to squeeze the UAA with one pull, effortlessly! Lined with EPS foam cushioning, the seat KeyFit 30 has a five-point harness that adjusts quickly and easily from a single traction. For small babies (from 1.8 kg to 5 kg), ergonomic support pillow provides additional support and creates a narrow and safe nest for the first car rides.


• Orientation backwards for a baby from 1.8 kg to 13.6 kg (4-30 lb) and 76 cm (30 inches) or less • ReclineSure spring tilt stand that allows a perfect fit as the angle of the vehicle seat inclination • levels RideRight bubble indicate the appropriate tilt angle • clamping device Supercinch control for clamping the SAU one traction effortlessly • five point adjustable harness a only pull for quick adjustment • removable cushion reducer for babies from 1.8 kg to 5 kg (4-11 lb) • doubled foam shell EPS cushioning which improves protection against shocks • Capote • Multipoint who takes office easily the stroller and base • smooth not that damaging base vehicle seats • Guides that facilitate the passage of the safety belt and integrated locking device (for vehicles without DUA) • Cleaning cloth pieces: wipe with mild soap and water or machine wash in water froi of the delicate cycle with mild detergent; hang dry