Silver Cross Coast Footmuff, Limestone - Luxury Stroller footmuff Inner Velvet Layer for Comfort, Stroller Sleeping Bag with Non Skid Adjustable Fixing Elements for Toddler and Baby Bunting


Kids like to explore, don't they? That is how they learn and grow.

They are curious and like to be aware of everything around them. Even when still in the stroller, carefully wrapped up for wintertime, they want to be taken places while parents want them to feel comfortably snug inside a warm baby to toddler sleeping bag. How to achieve both without carrying an entire closet with us at all times? Here's the most efficient adjustable foot muff for active parents and babies: The Teddy bear-shaped bunting bed

Soft inside, durable on the outside, flexible all around the Stroller trotter baby stroller sleeping bag brings added value to your purchase.

Not 30 but 90 days for you to be 100% satisfied with the purchase.

No outer flap that could retain moisture over the zipper. We isolated the zipper on the inside of the cocoon stroller muff. Added side Velcro straps for less sliding when toddlers are fussing. Enhanced visibility and movement for toddlers, extra safety and adjusting hoodie for small babies using it as newborn sleep sack.

Special Design: The back of the baby sleeping bag has a special design, with safe velcro flaps allowing you to secure the bunting bag on either a 3 point or 5 point fixing harness stroller. Additional side fixing straps are an add on to conventional designs that keep the universal stroller footmuff in place. It will not slide down or drag along the stroller wheels.

Temperature Control: The teddy bear shape allows visibility and freedom of movement) Babies like to look around so the 3 layers hoodie is adjustable as well. The hoodie of the baby stroller warmer tightens using the adjusting string to prevent the inner fabric from getting wet. Warm baby stroller winter bag keeps humidity and cold away from the baby.

Universal Fit, Easy To Install: footmuff for stroller that comes with a set of new features to help parents go out and about in style knowing their child feels snug, comfortable and safe during their everyday walks in colder temperatures. The RIGHT THICKNESS on our stroller blanket is the result on numerous tests by USA and Canada parents who used winter stroller cover, newborn bunting bag baby solutions or winter car seat covers for babies that did not work as well for toddler

Premium Materials: The fabric combination of luxury cotton velvet fleece inside and the water repellent hi-tech oxford shell on the outside is the perfect match to offer comfort and freedom of movement to you child when using our stroller bunting as newborn sleepsack or baby jogger footmuff

Warm And Snug For All: The 2 ways zipper allows toddlers to put their feet out of the toddler footmuff for stroller , moving freely and not feel constricted, without unzipping all the way to their chest exposing them to cold air entirely. When closed, the zipper of the footmuf for stroller is isolated with an extra inner lining of wind stopping fabric to protect smaller babies that do not move much or older kids when asleep.