SILVER CROSS -Seat tandem Wave (low) - Reason: Slate gray

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SILVER CROSS -Nacelle Wave - Pattern: Slate gray

Wave Accessories.
Personalize your Wave by choosing from a range of luxury accessories color-matched and designed to offer the ultimate in elegance, comfort and sécurité.Le seat tandem Wave Silver Cross lets you install the second seat on the Wave part of your stroller. The tandem configuration is ideal if you have two children who have outgrown the nacelle. Reversible seat tandem offers various configuration options to fit your stroller Wave the needs of your family.The Wave tandem seat back tilts at different angles to get her little occupant comfort. The large airy canopy offers protection against the elements and dressing custom gives the whole a touch of distinction.Silver Cross. All beginnings are important.
Recommended use: from 6 months up to 20 kg (44 lb) multiposition recline one mainRéversible for infant to sit facing you or facing the routeRepose adjustable leg with footstool intégréHousse impermeable and fly inclusLongueur cushion: 10 "Fits Wave stroller (sold separately) product dimensions: 43.2 cm W x 67.3 cm W x 63.5 cm H (17 x 26.5 x 25 in) product weight: 3.3 kg (7.3 lb)