Single Bed - Aria - Java


Single Bed - Aria - Black

Welcome to your own private oasis; your bedroom equipped with a bed Aria. Wooden planks recycled style exhibit of black shades so to add a touch elegantly aged look to your bedroom. A high headboard panels gives you a comfortable place to lean back, relax, and watch just one more episode before bedtime. The thickness of the bed elements ensures that you will sleep with peace of mind knowing that you are well supported. Tonight, dive into your bed and let the headboard Aria bring all your worries to the open sea.
- A high headboard panels provides you ample space to relax and you will lean
- The thick and heavy design means you can rest easy knowing that this bed is sturdy and safe
- The heavily padded black adds a modern and luxurious touch
- The tabs retain safely the sleeper
- Use a mattress Single bed and mattress matched (required)
If necessary, dust the wood finish using a soft, clean cloth. Powerful chemical cleaners are not recommended since they can damage the finish of the wood.
Dimensions: 72 "L 56" W 44 "H
SKU: BEB-37000SJ