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Mattresses - Townsend Collection - Queen

$595.00 Regular price $899.99

Mattresses - Townsend Collection - Queen
As many people may have you back pain or leg? Looking for a carrier at night? So this mattress is for you! With its double lumbar support, it will delight you and bring you the stability you need while you sleep.
What is actually the top of the mattress?
We find a mixture of cotton fiber fluffy premium
What makes up the mattress?
We have a luxurious cotton Cloudy,
Accompanied by an ultra comfort layer 3/4 ''
With its foam 1.5 '' and its thermal fiber, which keeps you warm mattress in winter and cool in summer.
A high biological density foam 2 '',
An additional foam shell 360 for added support, thereby reducing the transfer movement during sleep. If a person moves, the other will feel nothing.
You will also find 2 full lumbar support cushions
And an insulating cushion of 1 ''.
Without forgotten the bag springs a 13 gauge and the media reinforced on the sides to limit the sagging mattress.
We also find media handles on the padded part of the side, with a thickness e 3/8 ''
How many springs?
In what way is packaged?
It is packaged in a plastic bag very durable. It will arrive at your fully protected.
How long is the warranty of the mattress?
We offer a 10 year warranty on the mattress
What measures?
60 '' W x 80 'L x 13' 'H
Sku: BEB-100150-60M-Q