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$3,220.00 Regular price $4,979.99

Trio consists of a crib, a desk 6 drawers and desk 5 tiroirsPuisque your baby grows quickly, Joanna Bébélélo collection has been designed to meet their needs for many years: from his birth until his first large bed This style blends well with many types of decor. This allows you to change the room to their liking without having to worry about changing the furniture. All furniture has been designed to maximize space and the safety of your child. Everything is handmade by our cabinetmakers. They are fully artisanauxCette collection included products: - A desk 6 drawers, which is suitable for the changing mat, creating a perfect station for diapering your baby without the hassle of changing table. This product is manufactured in Quebec made of solid wood and comes already assembled (56 inches x 18 inches x 32 inches) .- A 5 drawers Office adapts perfectly to rooms where the storage space is reduced. It allows almost as much storage as the 6 drawers, but on height! (39 inches x 18 inches x 51 inches) - An Isabella crib completes the look. This marvel consists of several levels, which gives you easy access to your baby, adding style to the room. Like the furniture, the bed will accompanied your child until her first adult bed. This handcrafted bed is made of sturdy wood, materials made to last! (57 inches x 31 inches x 35 inches)